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From Seed To Fruit Part 1(mp3)

From Seed To Fruit Part 2(mp3)

From Seed To Fruit Part 3: Plant The Seed Of The Word(mp3)

From Seed To Fruit Part 4: Tend To The Plant(mp3)

From Seed To Fruit Part 5: Weeding Out Fear & Unblief (mp3)

Fathers Love For You Part 1 (mp3)

Fathers Love For You Part 2: He Is Love (mp3)

Fathers Love For You Part 3: Three Examples Of Love (mp3)

Fathers Love For You Part 4: As A Child (mp3)

Fathers Love For You Part 5: Looking At Love Through Childlike Eyes (mp3)

You Are A Kingdom Of Priests (mp3)

Designed For Faith (mp3)

Perception VS Wisdom (mp3)
by Joel Harrison

Work (mp3) by Joel Harrison

Coffee For Father (mp3)

Distributing Heavenly Atmosphere At Home (mp3)

Rest Rest Rest (mp3)

The Love Of The Father (mp3)

The Holy Spirit & You(mp3)

Enter Into His Rest (mp3)

Your Beautiful Confession (mp3)

Life Decision Part 1 (mp3)
by Pastor William Ford

Life Decision Part 2 (mp3)
by Pastor William Ford

A Simple & Victorious Life

A Victorious Life

Faith That Goes Beyond

Deceptions of Righteousness

Winning Souls For Christ: Training
Friday Session (mp3)
by Riley Stephenson

Winning Souls For Christ: Training
Saturday Session (mp3)
by Riley Stephenson

Winning Souls For Christ: Training
Sunday Session (mp3)
by Riley Stephenson

Live Life To The Fullest (mp3)
by Pastor Gene Alexander

The Word Of Your Testimony (mp3)
by Pastor William Ford

2011 WOMENS CONFERENCE: Morning Session (mp3)
by Nicole Wright

2011 WOMENS CONFERENCE: Afternoon Session (mp3)
by Nicole Wright

Is Honor On You I (mp3)

Is Honor On You II (mp3)

Is Honor On You III(mp3)

Is Honor On You IV(mp3)

Is Honor On You V(mp3)

Is Honor On You VI(mp3)

Is Honor On You VII(mp3)

Is Honor On You VIII(mp3)

A Perfect Match I (mp3)

A Perfect Match II (mp3)

A Perfect Match III (mp3)

A Perfect Match IV (mp3)

All Things (mp3) by Pastor William Ford

A Good Soldier (mp3)

Prophetic Determination (mp3) by Pastor William Ford

A Relationship Of Love (mp3) by Nicole Wright

The Confidence Of A Believer (mp3)

Job, Mercy & Our Advocate (mp3)

Built, Established & Filled 1 (mp3)

Built, Established & Filled 2 (mp3)

Built, Established & Filled 3 (mp3)

Built, Established & Filled 4 (mp3)

Built, Established & Filled 5 (mp3)

Built, Established & Filled 6 (mp3)

Built, Established & Filled 7 (mp3)

Built, Established & Filled 8 (mp3)

Permanent Good (mp3)

Permanent Good II (mp3)

Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding (mp3)

Bryan & Scott Go To The Mall (mp3)

I Wanna Be Free (mp3)

What If God Were Here (mp3)

Ambassadors For Christ Part 1 (mp3)

Ambassadors For Christ Part 2: Moved By The Love (mp3)

Ambassadors For Christ Part 3: Diplomatic Immunity (mp3)

Ambassadors For Christ Part 4: Representatives (mp3)

Ambassadors For Christ Part 5: Potential (mp3)

Esteem The Word.mp3 (mp3)

Take A Fresh Start In Christ (mp3)

Walking With GOD (mp3) by Brother Joel Harrison

No Condemnation (mp3)

How To Apply Hope (mp3)

Let Hope Be Alive In You (mp3)

GOD's Mighty Works (mp3)

A Chosen Workmanship 1: Fitted Living Stones (mp3)

A Chosen Workmanship 2: Chosen & Precious Stones (mp3)

A Chosen Workmanship 3: Chosen & Precious Stones (mp3)

Come To The Prevailing Faith (mp3)

Expect Signs & Wonders (mp3)

My Witnesses Part 1(mp3)

My Witnesses Part 2(mp3)

My Witnesses Part 3(mp3)

We Will Not Compromise (mp3)

Experience VS The Word (mp3)

It's In You (mp3)

Dealing With Family & Friends The Bible Way (mp3)

Change Is Good (mp3)

An Assault on the WORD of GOD.mp3 (mp3)

Have Faith In God (mp3)

Open Your Eyes That You May See (mp3)

Meet THE FATHER (mp3)

The Enemy Under Your Feet (mp3)

Be Led 1: Importance of the Ability to Be Led (mp3)

Be Led 2: Why Be Led By The Spirit (mp3)

Be Led 3: By The Spirit (mp3)

Be Led 4: Patience & Relationship (mp3)

Be Led 5: Talents and No Bias (mp3)

Be Led 6: Unbiasedness (mp3)

Be Led 7: Ways We Are Led (mp3)

Be Led 8: Your Sense of Leading (mp3)

Be Led 9: Summary of Being Led By The Spirit (mp3)

The Span Of His Hand (mp3)

Dig The Wells (mp3)

To Prosper Or Not to Prosper (mp3)

Straight Is The Way (mp3)

He Is! (mp3)

Expectations of Others (mp3)

Communicating Love (mp3)

Heaven On Earth: Serving (mp3)

Jesus Our Deliver (mp3)

Stirring Up Excellence (mp3)

Can We Be Cursed (mp3)
by Brother Joel Harrison

The Way, The Turth, The Life & The Beginning (mp3)
by Pastor William Ford

You Have A Place (mp3)
by Pastor William Ford

More On Love Part 1 (mp3)

More On Love Part 2 (mp3)

More On Love Part 3 (mp3)

More On Love Part 4 (mp3)

To Be or Not to Be Content Part 1 (mp3)

To Be or Not to Be Content Part 2 (mp3)

To Be or Not to Be Content Part 3 (mp3)

You Have A Prime Inheritance (mp3)

Eternal Life Begins Now Part 1 (mp3)

Eternal Life Begins Now Part 2 (mp3)

Eternal Life Begins Now Part 3 (mp3)

Eternal Life Begins Now Part 4 (mp3)

Eternal Life Begins Now Part 5 (mp3)

Seperated Free & Full (mp3)

Contend Earnestly For Faith (mp3)

Dont Flirt With Temptation (mp3)

Change Your Plan (mp3)

True Submission & Authority 1 (mp3)

True Submission & Authority 2 (mp3)

True Submission & Authority 3 (mp3)

True Submission & Authority 4 (mp3)

His Covenant Ways (mp3)

Seeing the Light (mp3)

You Can Have Abundant Life! (mp3)

Translated and Blessed (mp3)

Fully Committed Members of the Body (mp3)

Blessed & Sent Like Jesus (mp3)

Always Be Thankful (mp3)

A Pure Vessel An Honorable House (mp3)

Be Strong In the Lord (mp3)

Love and Offenses (mp3)

A Big Difference Maker (mp3)

What Child Is This (mp3)

Maturity Promises (mp3)

A Sure Footing #2 (mp3)

A Sure Footing #1 (mp3)

Faith by Works (mp3)

Forgiven and Free (mp3)

How To Respond To Life (mp3)

A Work & Joy Relationship (mp3)

God is Stronger than Duct Tape (mp3)
by Nicole Wright

Who Are You? (mp3)

Is Christ Your Character (mp3)

It's "WORD" Time (mp3)

A Living Word' LIFE
"WHAT IS YOUR WORD?" of Your Testimony? (mp3)
by William Ford

You Have Authority # 4
YOU Change Your Environment (mp3)

You Have Authority # 3
Using Your Authority (mp3)

You Have Authority # 2 (mp3)

You Have Authority # 1 (mp3)

A Full LIFE By Faith (mp3)

Released To Faith (mp3)

After Father's Heart (mp3)

Drawn To Identity (mp3)

Healing Is Simple (mp3)

Abundance By The Blood (mp3)

Your Account (mp3)

The Tithe: Origins & Info (mp3)

God Wants Your Peace (mp3)

It's Moving Day(mp3)

Mother's Day 2009(mp3)

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